Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food, food, and more food! (and pregnancy!)

I am afraid that this whole blog is going to be about food! At least until school starts tomorrow. The food they eat here is so much better for you and it tastes better to me too! This morning, the first course of lunch was sweet beets (it reminded me of the Nick show Doug). At first, I was like "ew, that looks disgusting!" But then I tried it and it was very good!
They do things very differently here and I enjoy it very much. For example, they don't use paper napkins at home. They have cloth ones that come with little pockets. So you use the same napkin for a few days and put in into the pocket and into a drawer when you aren't using it. It seems less wasteful than using paper napkins. They also use cloth tablecloths at every meal. I think it's mostly because they eat so much bread and there are a lot of crumbs everywhere. Tonight for dinner, I think we are having turnips and leeks. Have you ever had a leek? Not me! I will let you know how it goes!

Today I made a cultural faux pas...
Apparently, in France, you never leave the bathroom door open. Even if no one is in it! She said all the American students leave the bathroom door open and she has to tell them! The students also say "Je suis plein" or "Je suis rempli" (I said the latter) to say that they are full. It actually is a vulgar way to say "I am pregnant." Whoops! I am sure I will be saying a lot of things wrong though.

I bought a cellphone today too for emergency. It was 54€ for the phone and for less than 2 hours of talk time. Très cher!

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