Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Country, New Year, New Me

This year I am making a resolution for myself. Purge everything in my life that causes me unnecessary stress or pain. It seems like I have been putting all my energy into changing the bad things in my life into good things. But maybe I have been approaching life the wrong way. Things and people may change, but it is not you who can change them. So what is more productive? Focusing your energy on the bad things or cutting them out as best you can and spending your time on the positive aspects of your life?

When I leave for France, I am going to leave behind

1. All the people who bring me down. I am a bright, shining person. Yet I surround myself with people who make me feel inadequate. But I am adequate! I am an intelligent, independent woman who deserves to be surrounded by the positive energy of people who can see that. I am tired of being made to feel insignificant by people who should really be insignificant to me.

2. My negative attitudes. Optimism is my goal for 2010. You make your own reality. I am going to make mine.

Listening to: Animal Collective- Chocolate Girl

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