Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amsterdam, Easter Weekend

During Easter weekend, my friends Ariel, Dana and I took a trip to Amsterdam. We took a highspeed train from France, switched in Belgium and arrived directly in Amsterdam.

We arrived Thursday night and after checking in to our hostel, Hotel Linda, we went in search for some fun. We met some very nice dutch guys who tried to give us directions. We ended up just staying with them in a bar near our hostel and they bought us some dutch drinks. We talked with them until the bar closed. They all spoke perfect english and were well-educated on American affairs. It was quite amazing actually.

They told us that the dutch all speak english well because their television isn't dubbed. There are only subtitles so they hear english anytime they watch TV.

Another awesome thing about Amsterdam were the bikes. Everyone rides bikes and they even have their own traffic lights!

Our awesome hostel, Hotel Linda on Stadhouderskade. There were 3 of us and 7 strangers in this room. We quickly became friends with them though because they were some of the nicest people we'd ever met. I kept in close touch with one guy, Mish from England, who visited me in Paris a few weeks later and was a great host for me in England.

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