Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A cold and coffee...

Well, all is good in France except for my cold. Unfortunately, I am not alone. I think Clément and I have the same thing and last night I heard Elizabeth sneezing! Its a good thing tea and coffee are big here, because I having been non-stop ingesting the fluids. My new friend Ryan and I were just discussing today how great the coffee and tea machines are here. There are like 4 in every building. For 0,40€ you can get a cup of hot chocolate or coffee or tea, which is very handy when you walk from the tram in 30* weather! Coffee machines are probably not big in Texas because most of the time, your coffee could warm itself if you left it outside. But I have an idea! Sweet Iced Tea Machines! I think it's brilliant.

1 comment:

  1. BRILLIANT! But tea sours if it gets old. It'd have to brew it fresh, add sugar & then ice it- no problems- excellent idea!