Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Market!

I had a great day today! Paige and I went to a huge outdoor market that they have at the Port every Sunday. They had everything from shrimp to shoes! I bought a 3 euro ring, a bracelet for myself and a present for a friend. I also bought some yummy seafood and flowers for Elizabeth (my french hostmom). She loved them! Then Paige and I had the best coffee I have ever tasted and Tiramisu at Les Touristes Café. Afterwards, we met some friends at the MacDo (McDonalds).It was the nicest McDonalds I had ever seen. They sold pastries and Parmesan Burgers!
All in all, it was a wonderful day!


  1. WowLaci has a ginormous bag! This is your Gram over at your house! Mom thought bags were bigger in Texas HAHAHA
    (love GRAM - from Moms )

  2. Does your Mcdonalds have seasoned waffle-cut fries? What about biscuits?