Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not one of my better days...

They warned me that I would have some bad days. They said it happens to everyone. Some days you just get frustrated and it feels terrible but that it gets better.
I believe that I had one of those bad days today.
I woke up, had breakfast in a hurry and then tried to get dressed.
I say tried because I attempted to put on my pants, but I have gained too much weight for them to fit. I noticed I have started to get a little pooch too. I think its because I am addicted to the boulangerie (bakery). I eat bread all day long because it is so amazing. I eat more than the french do. Not that it's bad that I have gained weight. I could stand to gain a few pounds. But it's a hard thing to accept.
Then I limped to the tram (because my knee hurts from walking a lot) and I got on the wrong one. I ended up being 15 minutes late to class and had to walk from the port.
Then my phone quit working.
I spilled OJ in my bag.
My classes were very hard today.
My prof kept us late and I missed my lunch rendez-vous.
And it was raining.

But after all that, I am still in France. I am still amazed at this opportunity. And I will keep my head up, because tomorrow is another day.


  1. Oh, I have a happy Frenchy thing that always cheers me up:
    C'├ętait un rendezvous: http://vimeo.com/2840720
    It's like a romance or something.

  2. Great pictures by the way