Monday, February 1, 2010

Tram Magic!

After class today, my friends and I rode the tram to Carrefour (like Wal Mart). I bought a few things and didn't know that you have to buy bags! But it turned out fine because my friend had a backpack. On the tram I realized that everyone has their own bags. I think a new messenger bag is in order!
I wondered how people get loads of groceries home. But then I realized, they don't have to! Everything is within walking distance or a tram ride away. And their food is fresher too. They buy their bread everyday or every other day. OH, how I adore the bread here. Wonderbread should be renamed wondermush, or "I wonder if this is bread."

The tram is so convenient too. I wish everywhere had public transit! I don't even need a car here to go to another country. This weekend we are going to London, then next weekend is Carnival in Nice! And no car required!

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